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Zeke IDS Alert Bot - a small IDS alerter for Suricata, Snort, or your favorite IDS/IPS engine. Made using an Arduino, a buzzer, some, LEDs, a LCD, and some other components.
Link to: pictures, video, and code.

Suricata Pumpkin - The logo of your favorite next generation IDS/IPS carved in to a pumpkin. See the open source pictures.

Need help designing DNA primers for PCR (polymerase chain reaction)? Check out Primer Designer.

Fun with a Staples Easy Button - modifying with a USB controller, Dremel Tool, hot glue gun, and soldering iron, all just to make a button to lock a PC.
Easy Button mod pics: and video: lock screen Easy Button in action (note: the video shows a Windows VM running on OS X)

Do you use Firefox or Safari and want Google search results to look the way they used to (pre May 2010)? Check out the browser extension oldschoogle.

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